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    "We make it with passion and obsession to details"

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Watch the best coffee extraction mode. We grind the coffee, add water to the bottom and check the movement of the coffee which is extracted back to the bottom of the syphon, forced by the vacuum created, flooding the place of My House smells and fresh tastes.

Special nights

Don't miss the theme nights of My House and the wonderful food events which we organize quite often!

In our place you will taste the unique coffees of Taf company. We refer to extraordinary and particularly coffees which are known by the term "Speciality Coffee". And for those who don't know the term "Speciality Coffee" we inform you that we refer to coffee whose beans are collected one by one and are developed in specific environments and under exceptional climatic conditions to achieve the perfect end result. It's production requires strict specifications starting from the cultivation and ending to the cup that you hold in your hands. The espresso coffee ""pianneta utz" that we offer to you, gives you a unique and ideal experience of aromas and flavors to start your day. We invite you to try our distilled coffees which are naturally flavoured.